Ready Hour 4-Week Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day)


Imagine the peace of mind you'll have knowing no matter what happens—natural disasters, food shortages, economic troubles, and more—there will always be food on your table.

This 4-Week Emergency Food Supply is your first and best step to that peace of mind and all the security it provides.


  • 2,000+ calories a day for 1 person for 4 weeks
  • 256 servings of hearty meals
  • Shelf life of up to 25 years*
  • Many of the vitamins, protein, and calories you’ll need to not only survive, but thrive
  • All packed in the USA


With 16 delicious food varieties, you’ll never get bored with breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


  • Buttermilk Pancakes – 30 Servings
  • Maple Grove Oatmeal – 32 Servings
  • Strawberry Flavored Creamy Wheat  8 Servings


  • Mac & Cheese  12 Servings
  • Creamy Stroganoff – 8 Servings
  • Homestyle Potato Soup  8 Servings
  • Cheesy Broccoli & Rice Soup  8 Servings
  • Chili Mac  8 Servings


  • Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice – 16 Servings
  • Southwest Rice  24 Servings
  • Long Grain White Rice  30 Servings
  • Mushroom Rice Pilaf  16 Servings

Snacks & Desserts

  • Banana Chips  8 Servings
  • Chocolate Pudding – 20 Servings


  • Orange Energy Drink Mix  8 Servings

 All foods and drinks are easy to prepare! Just add water and follow the cooking directions, if any.

*Store in a dark, cool place with temperatures ranging from 55°F to 70°F. Cooler is better with Ready Hour Foods; long-term heat can cause premature product expiration.

Note: Based on inventory levels, Ready Hour may substitute a food and/or drink product with like items of equal or greater value to expedite delivery. Total water needed to prepare entire kit is 11.5 gallons. Weighs 38.1 pounds.

Ready Hour foods are proudly packed in the USA.