Ready Hour Emergency Water Pouch Case (64 pouches)

2x the Shelf Life. and 3x More Protection!

Plastic water bottles are petri dish of mold, bacteria, and chemicals. Ready Hour Emergency Water Pouches keep your water clean with four puncture-resistant layers of protection.

It’s why they have a FIVE-YEAR SHELF LIFE.

Reverse-Osmosis Filtration

Water is filtered multiple times through reverse-osmosis purification. This process clears out bacteria, viruses, and chemicals down to the microscopic level.

Fit GALLONS of Water into Your Bug-Out Bag

Each pouch is nearly flat, six inches long, and easy to squeeze into tight spaces. Now you can fit GALLONS of water into your bug-out bag!

More Water, Less Leakage

We all know water bottles leak once they’re opened.

Ready Hour Emergency Drinking Water comes in SINGLE-USE pouches that reduce spillage and conserve water in emergencies.


  • 4.227 fl oz Water Per Pouch
  • 6” x 4” x 1/2” Per Individual Pouch
  • 64 Pouches in a Case
  • Case Total Volume: 279 oz (2 gal)