Ready Hour Honey Wheat Bread Mix Case Pack (48 servings, 4 pk.)

No Yeast, No Oil, & No Bread Maker Needed—Just Add Water!

What happens when the world’s top emergency food scientists put their heads together?

You get our new-and-improved Ready Hour Honey Wheat Bread Mix.

One Pouch = One Loaf of Warm, Home-Baked Bread

This bread is every bit as delicious as the stuff you grew up on… except it requires no yeast or oil to prepare. All the ingredients you need are in one pouch. Just add water, knead the dough, bake for 25 minutes, and it’s ready to eat!

It's as quick and simple as can be. (And it provides you with 7,680 calories.) Now you can enjoy your daily bread no matter what—even in the toughest of times!

Give your body what it craves: fresh-baked bread with every meal.

Case Packs: We’ve Solved Emergency Food’s #1 Problem!

Have you ever winced while opening a package of emergency food because you know you’ve just destroyed the shelf life forever?

Case packs to your rescue!

Our super-practical case pack design allows you to eat your favorite emergency foods without spoiling the shelf life of the entire case. Enjoy a pouch now, then save the rest for survival—up to 25 years down the road.*